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Kerala – ‘The Land of Spices’, is famous for its distinctive cuisine, which is quite different from the rest of India. Though rice is the staple food, it can be easily discerned if one should venture to take a closer look that each ethno-religious group of this cosmopolitan state has their own unique cuisines handed down through generations. The Hindus, Moslems, Syrian Christians, Jews, Anglo-Indians and other minority communities have their own exclusive recipes.

If you are planning a trip to Kerala, do ensure that you don’t miss these:

Breakfast Selection:

We have put together some awesome combinations, but if you like to experiment, please do feel free to do so. Unusual combinations like Dosa and Chicken curry or Idly and Fish curry could be tried, if you may.

Puttu & Kadala curry : Puttu is steamed rice flour mixed with scraped coconut. It comes in a nice cylindrical shape or in the shape of the coconut shell. Kadala is black chana cooked in spicy gravy. The combination is one of the most popular breakfasts of Kerala.


Appam & Lamb stew : Appam A batter made from soaked and ground rice mixed with scraped coconut, is fermented and cooked in a wok. Lamb stew is one of the most popular Syrian Christian dishes of Kerala. Tender lamb is cooked in coconut milk and spices to make the stew. This awesome combination is a must try for any visitor to Kerala.


Idiappam & Egg curry : Noolappam or idiappam is made from rice flour with a grated coconut icing. Egg curry is spicy and goes well with this noodle-like appam.


Lunch Selection:

The traditional Sadya : A must-savor is the traditional Kerala ‘Sadya’ – a Lucullan vegetarian banquet served in a banana leaf. Boiled rice is served with at least 12 varieties of curries, followed by two varieties of ‘payasam’ (sweet pudding). Sadya is an integral part of the celebrations in Kerala.


Malabari Mappila Biriyani : The Malabari Biriyani made of chicken, mutton, beef, egg, prawn or fish, is flavored with exotic spices and garnished with nuts, raisins and coriander leaves.


Non-vegetarian curries : Enjoy boiled rice with some of the best curries from the Spice Coast. Though the list is endless, we have cut short on the list to include only the very best. Just mix and try to best suit your tastes.


Kuttanadan Duck Roast :  Fried duck cooked in coconut milk and spices; goes well with rice and appam.

Chicken Mappas : Chicken cooked in coconut milk and spicy coriander makes an ideal curry for rice or appam.

Karimeen Pollicahtu :  Pearl spot fish is baked in a banana leaf with spicy masala. This could be had with rice, appam or tapioca.

Kuttanadan Fish Curry :  Fish is cooked with drumstick and mango; goes well with rice.

Beef Olathiyathu :  Beef fried with coconut pieces, roasted spices and curry leaves; goes well with rice or appam.


Meen Peera : Minced fish cooked with grated coconut and spices; ideal to have with rice.

Mussels/Prawn/Crab :
  Usually fried and seasoned with coconut-spice blend; perfect to have with rice.

Evening Snack Selection:
Pazham Pori/Ethakka appam : This is one of the most popular snacks of Kerala. Ripe and sweet banana is fried with a Maida (all purpose flour) coating.

Parippuvada : Chana dal vada is made from chana dal and a mix of spices. Dough of sorts is prepared first with the dal and spices and then deep fried till golden brown.


Unniyappam : Unniyappam is made of rice flour, jaggery, mashed banana or jackfruit and scraped coconut. A batter is made of the ingredients and deep friend till golden brown. 

Cutlets : Cutlets are made from chicken, beef or mutton. This is a popular snack of the Syrian Christians of Kerala.

Dinner Selection:

Poricha Kozhi and Chapatti : Chicken is deep friend till golden brown with spices and served with Chapatti made from flour.

Kappa and Fish Curry: Kappa (tapioca) is cooked with spices and chilly or simply with grated coconut. The spicy fish curry that goes well with tapioca is made with hot spices, cocum (Kudampuli) and red chilies. 

Pathiri and Nadan Kozhi Curry: Nadan Kozhi curry or Malabar Chicken curry is quite unique in flavor, seasoned with an array of spices including coriander, pepper and herbs. Malabar pathiri is a typical Moslem cuisine made from rice.