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Experience The Exceptional With Caravan Tourism

Caravans – a word that was only found in fantasies and fictions is now a reality. The caravan culture has found its way in Kerala as well and this unique mode of transport- Caravan Tourism is the new safe travel trend. Promoting family and leisure trips to divergent destinations in and around Kerala, these speciality vehicle ensures the safety, convenience and adventure, all under one roof. This concept is currently a major eye-catcher in the tourism sector.

Caravan Tourism- the Novel Trend in Transit, provides the travelling crew, an expedition across the plains on Kerala, the scenic waterfalls like Athirappilly and Vazhachal, lush vegetation at Thekkady, tea plantations at the hilly Munnar and the bumpy terrains with many picturesque views and the Vagamon Caravan Park. From exploring bizarre locations to camping under the stars and open sky, the flexibility that a caravan offers is quite unique. The end to end connectivity, flexibility and comfort are some of the key factors that favours Caravan tourism.

In Kerala, Caravan tourism is the most sought after and safest option during these times amid the pandemic, as it ensures hygienic safe stay with minimal human contact. Kerala Holidays, an experienced caravan tourism provider in Kerala adhering to the protocols, ensures their comfy wheels are sanitized to ensure a thorough cleanse and shielding to the voyagers.

Caravan tourism can be opted as home for the family trips, honeymoon couples as well as nomads in search of new adventures. A must try for families on the lookout of their privacy, couples planning to spend quality time together and definitely for tourists.

Yet another advantage while opting for a caravan trip is that, it comes with a flexible itinerary. It offers the travellers, the flexibility to revise the travel itinerary on the go and you are not time bound. Caravan tourism helps in reducing carbon footprints as well, and this makes it eco-friendlier.

Apart from the sense of liberty, the freedom and safety that comes with it, you can also avoid unpleasant run-ins and annoying events as you settle on hassle free holidays with our Caravan tourism. That’s the recipe for your perfect vacation.