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Tropical Sun

Kerala enjoys a warm tropical climate due to its proximity with the equator and its distinctive geographic features. Kerala’s particular geographical location between the Arabian coastline and the towering Western Ghats ensures that the hot northern winds are kept at bay, at the same time letting in the refreshing winds of Arabian Sea to cool the region. The plains experience mild warm climate with little variation throughout the year. The highlands enjoy a salubrious climate similar to an English summer.

The summer temperatures seldom cross the 35°C mark. The state doesn’t come under a continuous dry spell or cold spell as is the case with the rest of India.  Kerala experiences summer from the month of April to June with the maximum temperatures during this time hovering around 35°C. The state cools down with the onset of Monsoon in the first week of June, when the land is draped in a dazzling vision of green.

Monsoon is the time when the land comes alive with the abundance and brilliance of nature. It is also the time when the people of Kerala rejuvenate their body and mind with Ayurvedic treatments and therapies. Tourists flock in hordes to Kerala to experience the magic of Monsoon when the heavens touch the earth. The winter season in the state paints a similar picture with the temperatures not falling below 22°C. The warm, wet and equable climate of Kerala with little variations in temperature makes it a destination for all seasons. The pleasant climate with no extreme fluctuations in temperature makes the state one of the most preferred exotic locations in the whole of Asia.