This vacation, if you are looking for a place with long beaches, good sea food, and a calm atmosphere, Kovalam in Trivandrum is the right choice for you. It is a small fishing village that is flourishing under tourism and has much to offer. This splendid place known for its shallow beaches and perfect lush green scenery, is also touristy to the the teeth with endless lines of shops and shacks.

When in Kovalam there are certain places and things that you should not miss. 

Rejuvinate at the Ayurveda Panchakarma Center

The ayurveda centre is located in the heart of the city, very close to Kovalam. Get a relaxing ayurvedic massage and experience other elements of their spas which are unique to the place.

Surfing at Kovalam Surf Club

You can learn how to surf at the beach just for Rs 700.  It is a ninety minute lesson by professionals and nothing stops you from enjoying the blue waves as they dance along the beach.

Speed boating at Hawa Beach

Hawa beach is an extension of Light house beach and it is the most sought after beach in the city.  The crescent shaped beach is also shallow and quite safe. One can rent a speed boat in the beach and take a wonderful ride across the raging waves deep into the sea. Of course, you will be accompanied by a coast guard ensuring your safety. 

Sunbath at Samudra Beach

The beach has a large stretch of white sand and the calm waves which are a treat to the eyes.  Get a Beach bed and an umbrella and just plop down with a book or watch life passing by.  A good cocktail or a can of chilled bear is also a good choice to take along.

The spa experience

There are some outstanding spas in Kovalam that provide quality services. Arguably the best spa and beach resort in whole of Kovalam, Vivanta by Taj offers you a service like no other. It is located right on the Kovalam Beach and you can enjoy the spa with a backdrop of natural surroundings. 

Taste the Sea Food

You must absolutely try the sea food in Kovalam. Rather than going to large restaurants, try the small ones and stalls along the roads. They offer genuine local recipes and a wide range of dishes.  The most sought after dish is the spicy fish curry with boiled tapioca. Other tasty treats include grilled fish and chicken masala. Wash it down with a glass of sherbet and experience a satisfaction as never before. 

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