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Kerala the most beautiful state in India is located close to the equator and enjoys various seasonal climates throughout the year. The sate has always been a dream destination for all kind of travellers. The climate in Kerala can be classified into 4 seasons namely summer, south-west monsoon, north-east monsoon and winter. Tourist from across India love to visit Kerala throughout the year irrespective of seasons. Kerala is one among the places that experience a pleasant climate round the year. The versatile seasons of Kerala invites tourist from across the country. The popularity of Kerala as the must visit destination is spread far and wide that people travel from all parts of India to Kerala. 

To experience Kerala in its awesome appearance once should know the best time to visit Kerala. Feel relaxed, you can enjoy your holidays in Kerala anytime during the year as the state has the most pleasant climate across the year.

The best time to visit Kerala is undoubtedly August till May while tourist love to experience the monsoon tour packages during June and July.

If you are a fond nature lover, then June and July is the perfect time to visit Kerala. You can experience the rain in its true charm during the months of June and July.

Kerala Tourism – The best time to visit Kerala, India

The best season to visit Kerala would be undoubtedly August to May. Kerala have the most pleasant climate from September till February. The romantic couples love to visit Kerala during the month of February as it is month in which valentine's day falls every year. Romantic couples love to spend 14th February in Kerala, the most romantic holiday destination.

The tourist destinations of Kerala would be lush green in August till May after the south west monsoon rains of June and July month. The winter season in Kerala starts during November and last till February. March and April months is known as the summer season in Kerala. Kerala beckons large number of tourist in March till June as it is the holiday season in North India.


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