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The perfect wedding begs for a perfect honeymoon, and where else can you soak in the nuptial romance if not in God’s very Own Country? Kerala has been hailed far and wide as the romantic getaway for honeymooners, and that label holds true due to the state’s treasure trove of exotic locales.

It’s not just Indians who flock to the southern tropical state, but citizens of other nations fly in for the time of their lives too. So what do you do for the perfect Kerala honeymoon? You opt for the best Kerala honeymoon packages available.

But you do need to be prepared. Just read on and get ready to sweep your beau off to the evergreen hills of Kerala.

Confirm Your Dates

First of all, confirm the dates for when you leave for your honeymoon. Wedding planning can be a strenuous time, but you need to plan ahead of the wedding and book your tickets to your destination beforehand. Pick the dates and the duration of your honeymoon.

Once you finalise on how long you want to spend your time romancing your way into each other’s hearts, you can pick on the places to visit and activities to indulge in. Prior booking of Kerala honeymoon packages helps you ward off unnecessary tensions.

Pick Your Destination

Picking your honeymoon destination in Kerala  can be a bit of a task since there are a wide range of places to choose from. Whether hill stations, beaches, backwaters or cities, you need to schedule your destinations according to your preferences and the best season. When opting for different types of Kerala honeymoon packages, keep your choices and preferences at hand.

Let’s take a look at the varieties offered here:

1. Hill Stations

There are plenty of hill stations to choose from in this southern Indian state. Hill stations provide the ultimate escape from the noisy surrounding of city life, far removed from traffic noises and noisy neighbours.

You can bask in the glory of evergreen mountains, serenade along the slopes of sweeping plantations, enjoy a walk in the evening mists and relax in the pleasant and pollution-free atmosphere. Munnar, Vagamon and Vythiri are the most sought after destinations by honeymooners for their quaint and serene ambience.

2. Beaches

A nice stretch of sandy beach with coconut trees lining the border, and sparkling waves rolling on to the sand makes for a picturesque honeymoon. Who wouldn’t love to wake up to a sunrise over the ocean?

Kerala has no dearth of beaches. From Kovalam and Varkala in the south, you can pick your way through Alleppey Beach in the middle to the Bekal beach in the north. All these places have luxurious beachside resorts that would offer you a relaxing stay.

3. Backwaters

The myriad of lagoons, canals and inter-connected water ways provide enough room for you to cruise along at a leisurely pace, enjoying the scenery with your beloved. Many Kerala honeymoon packages offer decent trips aboard luxurious houseboats.

You get to view the verdant locales sitting inside a floating villa, and enjoy the local marine culinary. Freshly caught sea food is a speciality in many of these parts, and a delicious lunch or candlelit dinner under the moonlight, while floating in the middle of a large river is certainly enchanting.

Kerala honeymoon packages offer backwater trips in Alleppey, Kumarakom, Kochi, and Kollam. These places also host a variety of resorts, so you could pair it up with a couple of days of laid back entertainment.

4. Wildlife

Some couples opt for a more adventures honeymoon. For them, Kerala offers natural parks and wildlife sanctuaries. You can go for wildlife sightings, bird sightings, and treks and hikes, not to mention camping the forests. When sifting through the many Kerala honeymoon packages, you and your beloved can opt for a romantic and adventure filled getaway in Waynad and Idukki.


Once you have picked your choice of Kerala honeymoon package, you should book yourself transport facilities. While the state’s transport facilities are prevalent, it might inconvenience your plans by being unpredictable.

It’s always best to book or rent a vehicle with a reputed agency. Most agencies offer pick-up and drop to the airport, along with transport to your honeymoon destinations.

Pack Essentials

Before embarking on your honeymoon, take note of the season you are traveling in and prepare accordingly. If its monsoon season in Kerala, have waterproof clothing handy, especially waterproof bags for your essentials like smartphone, wallet, music player etc.
Keep your documents at hand all times and keep them safe from being robbed. Ensure your travel documents and ID proofs are in order and produce them whenever asked.

Travel Safe

Kerala is relatively safe place to travel. But taking certain safety precautions is a must. Never venture out on your own, especially after dark, in less crowded areas.
When travelling in hill stations, try not to go out after dark as it may get foggy and mists may be thick, obscuring visibility.

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