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Bekal Beach

Bekal Fort, which is considered to be the largest and best-preserved fort, is about 130 feet above sea level, standing on a 35-acre cliff that runs into the Arabian Sea. Bekal beach that seamlessly adjoins the fort thus possesses a historical and archeological significance. Enjoy the stunning scenery of the sea from the fort and also visit the Bekal fishing village. One of the most popular locations for Bollywood movies, Bekal is one among the worth seeing beach hangouts of Kerala.

Beypore Beach

One of the revitalizing beaches of Kerala, Beypore Beach is located on the mouth of the Chaliyar River. Beypore is the commercial centre for Uru – Arabian trading vessel building. Tranquility and serenity of the beach along with a warm embrace of cold breeze is what that makes Beypore beach so dear to its travelers.

Kappil Beach

Kappil beach is secluded and is blessed with immense natural beauty. Fresh and moderately shallow, this beach attracts many vacationers who love swimming and sun bathing. Also, the beach has it peck for adventure lovers; a thrilling trek to the nearby Kodi cliff can render one a panoramic view of the Arabian Sea.

Kozhikode Beach

Kozhikode, one of the scenic towns of north Kerala, was the capital of Zamorins and has been a prominent trade and commercial centre from the times of yore. This beautiful and  spic and span looking beach at Kozhikode is the much preferred haunt of sunset lovers. The beach holds a light house and two sea piers that are almost 125 years old. The Lion’s club and the Children’s park are the other attractions in the beach.

Fort Kochi Beach

Fort Kochi Beach is located about 12 km from Cochin. Originally a fishing village, Fort Kochi is believed to be the first European township in India, which still maintains its old colonial charm. Much of the heritage tourist attractions in Fort Kochi are located within the vicinity of the beach. The tiny stores put up along the walkway to the beach have stunning collection of stone and shell decorative and ornaments. The New Year Eve carnival and celebrations at the beach will give you immense moments to behold.

Cherai Beach

Cherai Beach located near Vypeen Islands is a swimmers paradise. The sea on the western side and the backwaters on the east, gives the beach a very unusual touch. This place is also blessed with thick and dense coconut groves and some captivating Chinese fishing nets. Cherai beach, however, stands exceptional for its cleanliness. The extended shoreline of about 10 km in length, along with recently beautified main beach area and the attractive walkway decked with high mask lamps, is incredibly pleasing to eyes.

Mararikulam Beach

Just forty kilometers from Kochi, is Mararikulam, home to one of the vivacious and upcoming beaches of Kerala. Once in Mararikulam visitors will automatically get elated with the exhilarating atmosphere, effervescent with energy. Laze around in the bright sun and get the tropical tan, while taking occasional dip in the salty water. Enjoy the magic of Mararikulam beach with water sports like parasailing and surfing.

Alleppey Beach

The stunning shoreline of Alleppey Beach offers its vacationers a pleasurable retreat .Alleppey Beach is one of the most popular beaches of the state of Kerala and had enjoyed a unique time in the maritime history of Kerala. The main attraction of this beach is the facilities at Vijaya Beach Park. The beautiful sandy shoreline contrasts well with the blaze of the water, to create a truly relaxing atmosphere. Picnicking at Alleppey beach on weekends and holidays is a popular activity among locals.

Kollam beach

Thirumullavaram, situated about 5 km from Kollam, is one of the best beach spots in Kerala. An extended shoreline blessed with cool breeze, makes this seaside an incredible hideaway. Thirumullavaram beach is an ideal spot for swimming and bathing as well.

Varkala Beach

This stunning beach, located at a distance of 54 Km north of Thiruvananthapuram, is an ideal holiday destination frequented by foreigners. It offers a serene atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Varkala Beach is renowned for its exceptional landscape formed by the high rocky cliff, ending abruptly and a stretch of clear sand extending down to the sea. This contrast makes Varkala Beach a marvelous sight.

Varkala beach is also called ‘Papanashini', since a dip in the holy waters of the beach is believed to cleanse one’s body and soul of all the worldly sins. The other tourist attractions, close to the beach are the Janardana Swamy Temple (a 2000 year old shrine dedicated to Lord Vishnu) and the Nature Centre.

Shanghumugham Beach

Shanghumugham Beach is located close to the Trivandrum International Airport. This fine shoreline is widely acclaimed as one of the safest and hygienic beaches of Kerala. Right at the entrance of the beach is a colossal sculpture of a 'Nymph' (Jalakanyaka), one of the prime attractions of the beach seen coupled with an indoor recreation club. Veli Tourist village is also located close to the beach. Evenings at the beach are enlivened by the cultural activities organized by the recreation club – a tribute to the traditional art forms of the place.

Kovalam Beach

Kovalam Beach – Kovalam is one among the most popular beach hangouts in India. The extended grove of coconut trees with the secluded palm fringed bays promises its visitors a tranquil and relaxing stay. The illimitable blue waters and miles of white sand make this shoreline a real ecstasy to beach and water enthusiasts - the three successive crescent beaches that make up Kovalam include, the Lighthouse Beach, noted for the 35 meter towering ancient light house, the middle beach called Hawah, named thus as Euopean women used to enjoy bathing here, and the northern most beach, Samudra, where the local fishermen pursue their trade. Kovalam offers the most excellent of facilities to its visitors like sunbathing, swimming, ayurvedic massages and more So get your energy levels recharged; feel refreshed, at the impressive coastal line of Kovalam.

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