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Kerala is one of the rarest tourist places on earth which you could visit all year round. But chasing monsoon in Kerala in the month of August is a bewitching activity. The land that is blessed with greenery and scenic beauty comes alive during the monsoon. The roaring waterfalls and mist covered hill tops are something that you could cherish forever. 

The biggest advantage of the monsoon season in Kerala is that like unlike other parts of the country Kerala doesn't witness incessant rains throughout the season and the rivers are hardly inundated and cause damage to the landscape. You can literally bask in the cool and soft sunlight that seeps in through the wet leaves of trees after a few hours of rainfall. It is also one of the first states in India to receive the monsoon rains. 

Southwest Monsoon season, from June to September, is pretty romantic and that is why Kerala is one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world. Well August is also famous for Karkidaka chikitsa (a kind of rejuvenating therapy based on Ayurveda) so you can go back with a refreshed body and mind. 

Here are some of the awesome tourist places in Kerala you could visit in August while monsoon weaves its magic all over the land.

Wayanad, one of the northern most districts of the state, located at a height of about 2,100 metre from sea level houses a part of the famed Western Ghats. The monsoon literally transforms the land into a green heaven. As thick forests cover most part of the state you can enjoy the rain by staying in one of the many tree houses available there. Also take a long walk through the mist induced spice plantations and tea gardens. It is a perfect place to live in harmony with the nature and a great place for those who want to get away from the crowd and pollution of the city life.

August is the perfect time to visit the majestic Athirappally waterfalls. The monsoon rejuvenates the 80 ft high waterfalls, which has served as the perfect background for many movies, including the recent blockbuster 'Bahubali'. The waterfall is part of the Chalakkudy River which originates in the Anamudi mountains of the Western Ghats. At Athirappilly the river cascades down in three separate streams by surging around the big rocks. The view is majestic and is best visited during the monsoon month of August.

Five km from Athirappilly is Vazhachal waterfalls, another must place you should visit in August. The falls is also part of Chalakkudy River and has rocky terrain.  Like Athirappilly Vazhachal falls is also located among the lush green forests.

During their last India visit Prince Charles and Duchess of Cornwall Camilla was photographed enjoying the mesmerising views of Athirappilly and Vazhachal falls.

If you want to experience a relaxing stroll through moist laden tea plantations or enjoy the cold weather while sipping a cup of the tea as the rain pours down then Munnar is an ideal place for you. But please be really careful while you drive in the downpour as the roads to this hill station could get slippery during the monsoon and don't forget to pack warm clothes as the weather could hit the minus mark during the monsoon.

Munnar is preferred by many honeymooners during the month of August as the monsoon rains would ignite the flames of passion in you.

It is also a great time to visit Thekkady as the Periyar National Park and its surroundings drenched in the rain are draped in a cloak of greenery and brims with life during the monsoon.

The second largest lake in Kerala Ashtamudi Lake, which flows through the Kollam district, is an ideal spot for lazy vacation during the monsoon. As the rain pours down you should be sitting in your cottage (if you are vacationing in one of the resorts there) and enjoy a steaming cup of brew or indulge in the mouth-watering and scrumptious Kerala cuisine, including the famed seafood items. 

If you are an avid reader, you must be familiar with the place Kumarakom as the place has played a major part in Booker Prize winning novel 'God of Small Things' by Arundhati Roy. The place has a prominent place in the Kerala tourism map especially because of its beautiful backwaters. The largest freshwater lake in the state Vembanad Lake is part of Kumarakom. It is a perfect place to enjoy the rains. Though we won't recommend the popular houseboat rides during the outpour, August is a perfect time to watch the migratory birds and enjoy the rich greenery of Kerala.

Don’t forget to visit Alappuzha as you could witness and enjoy the world famous annual snake boat race in the month of August. The annual Nehru Trophy Boat Race, which is conducted on the second Saturday of August, is a visual delight. It is held in Punnamada Lake every year and attracts tourists from every part of the world.

You can also enjoy the village life of the district or indulge in Ayurvedic treatments. 

The state is also a perfect place to go for an adventure white rafting trip through the rapids of Tejaswini River in Kannur district. The river which originates in the Coorg forest of Karnataka and flows through the Kerala districts of Kannur and Kasargod offers a great opportunity for the adventure tourists. The river has got many swirls, boulders and rocky areas which make the white water rafting through the river a mesmerising experience. August is an ideal month to experience it as the river will be in her full capacity during the rainy season. The rafting starts from Kolladi near Cherupuzha in Kannur district and ends in Kakkadavu in Kasargod district.

Even if you are not a big fan of rainy season, a visit to Kerala during the monsoon won’t disappoint you. As we said earlier, Kerala is known for Ayurvedic treatments and according to experts; the monsoon period is the best time for rejuvenation therapies. According to them, the herbs and concoctions used for these therapies would work perfectly in the cold atmosphere.  

So August is the best month to pamper you with a rejuvenating massage or any other Ayurvedic treatments.


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