The Most Famous Hill-stations in Kerala

From beautiful beaches to dense forests, Kerala is the complete package to cater to all your vacation needs. It holds a surprise in every turn and corner and is guaranteed to keep its visitors enchanted and amazed.

Being a part of Western Ghats,Kerala is not scarce in picturesque mountain scenes and charming hill stations. These hill stations are home to Kerala’s most famous tea plantations and spice gardens; a promising treat to your eyes and senses. The hill stations provide many opportunities for trekking and nature watch; the perfect stress buster. The journey up to each of these hill stations is through winding roads that provide a beautiful scene of the valley below. The road takes you through dense forests where you can see the wildlife and by small streams and waterfalls which is a perfect spot to make photo memoirs of your trip.

Out-of-a-postcard Munnar

The beauty of Munnar has attracted many, right from the days of Britain’s rule over India.  This place was home to many British officials, as it provided them the perfect environment of cool mountain air and natural beauty. Munnar is very famous for its tea gardens and the Neelakurunji Flowers that bloom only once in twelve years.

The Eravikulam National Park at Munnar is frequented by many as it is home to the rare epiphytic orchids, wild balsams and the famous NilgiriTahr. TATA Tea Museum is another major attraction where you can learn all about tea making and even get to sample different varieties of tea. The beautiful Mattupetty Dam and Lake is very close by, where you can spend a romantic day boating and fishing. The shores provide private secluded spaces where you can have a quiet day with your family.


Situated in the Idukki District of Kerala, Thekkady is a picturesque place with endless stretches of mountains and grasslands that form a perfect spot for trekking. Blessed with rich flora and fauna, the trekking trails pass through thick forests and you get the chance to meet some of the exotic wildlife face to face.  There are many major attractions in Thekkady including Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, caves, waterfalls and beautiful rivers.  Thekkady is the perfect place to bust all your stresses and give you the break you deserve.

Beautiful Vagamon

Vagamonis well known for its meadows, forests and hills that are untouched and can be viewed it its complete natural beauty. Reminding you of Switzerland, there are many dairy farms dotted here and there and the scene is made complete with cows grazing in the lush meadows.

If you are a lover of farms and farm stay, do not miss the Kurisumala Dairy Farm.  Here you can spend a weekend breathing in fresh air and enjoying the farm.  Thangal Para with its unique roc formations and ancient caves are also another treat for the adventurer in you. Spend a day exploring these caves and sweat out all your worries and tensions.

The MundakayamGhat in Munnar is another frequented place which offers paragliding and other adventurous sports.

Mysterious Wayanad

When someone says Wayanadis magical and mysterious; they are not boasting. The mist clad mountain holds the true essence of Kerala’s tribal cultures and its tastes.  Dotted throughout by rivers and fast streams, Wayanad is the perfect get away for adventurous minds.  The thick virgin rain forest is home to some of the most exotic wildlife and plants.
In Wayanad you can see many relics of the past, with the famous Edakkal caves with its cave paintings and the various tribes with their unchanged ways.

Some of the major attractions are the high point of Chembra peak, the deep caves of Pakshipathalam, wildlife of Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary and the soothing waterfall of Soochipara.

Golden Ponmudi

For those who love walking and travelling by road, Ponmudi is your answer. It is a beautiful hill resort, with winding narrow lanes and small rivulets making it a perfect spot for trekking. When in Ponmudi, never miss out a dip in the crystal clear waters of Kallar River in the Golden Valley. Pack a lunch and spend a few hours in the romantic surroundings of the river. If you love to trek, start from Kallar River through the dense forests and end up in Meenmutty Waterfalls to view its breathtaking beauty.  For those who love wildlife, visit the Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary, home to Asian Elephants, Sambhar, Lion Tailed Macaques and Grey Hornbills.

Untouched Silent Valley National Park

If you are looking for raw adventure and thrills, a visit to Silent valley is a must. It is quite untouched by modern life and is home to many rare species of flora and fauna and the much famed Kurumbar Tribes.

Some of the species found here are exclusive to the place and can be  seen nowhere else in the world like the lion-tailed macaque, Nilgirilangur, Malabar giant squirrel and hairy-winged bat. Being a protected area,one must acquire special permissions from the Forest Department and guards will guide the group. The best time to visit is from December to April. It is always a good idea to come prepared with high boots and an extra pair of clothes as a trek through the forest can be quite adventurous.

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