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The beauty of Munnar has awestruck people with its majestic mountains, gorgeous valleys and altogether charming scenery. If you thought you have seen Munnar at its best then wait till you lay eyes on Neelakurinji Bloom 2018. The hill station, at this time, will be covered with a bloom of blue and look like a magnificent sight. Munnar draws people from all over the country who come here to enjoy lush greenery, an amazing weather and widespread tea plantations. 
Neelakurinji Munnar just goes way beyond the already bewitching beauty of this place. It is an entrancing sight to see so many beautiful purplish blue flowers swaying in the valley covering  the majestic mountains completely. The Neelakurinji Bloom 2018 is worth the wait and not to be missed as the flower blooms once in every 12 years. Below are the major things you need to understand about Neelakurinji, the lovely flowers of Munnar. 

Neelakurinji Munnar
The shrub that is known as Kurinji or Neelakurinji is an extraordinarily beautiful one. This flower falls in the genus kunthiana and the first person to study them was a German botanist called Christian Gottfried Daniel Nees von Esenbeck. Around 250 species belong to the genus Strobilanthes and almost 46 of them are found in India. These flower species have a very unusual flowering cycle that goes from annual to 16 years. The plant grows 30 to 60 cm high in normal conditions and up to 180 cm in amiable conditions. The Neelakurinji bloom in long intervals and cover the hilly terrains like a carpet. The Neelakurinji season in Munnar in 2018 has been a long-awaited one. The flowers are almost revered for their beauty and have even made their way into Tamil poetry. The magic that the Neelakurinji cast with their mesmerizing beauty is something that needs to be witnessed in person. It is nothing short of a spell being cast on the senses to keep them hooked forever. 

Why is Neelakurinji Blooming Season in Munnar So Special? 
Munnar has always had a special place in the hearts of those bitten by the travel bug. The green meadows, cascading waterfall and the misty path cut into hills can captivate anyone. Though, the Neelakurinji bloom in Munnar gives it a completely unique look and identity. The valleys look unrecognizable covered in these majestic flowers that don’t bloom anywhere else. They are completely exclusive to Munnar and that’s what makes both the flower and the hill station all the more special. All through the offseason, the Neelakurinji plants remain hidden and unnoticed in the thick vegetation of Munnar. 
Blooming Season of Neelakurinji Flowers in Munnar
These special flowers, Neelakurinji, have a 12-year flowering cycle. Their blooming season is much awaited with eager anticipation. The blooming period of Neelakurinji flower in Munnar this year is going to be in the month of July and will last until November. The previous blooming of Neelakurinji in Munnar happened in 2006 These beautiful flowers cover the hills in a hue of blue and purple and draw the attention of folks from all over the world. During the last blooming season, an estimate of around 10 Lakh tourists visited this place to marvel the beauty of Neelakurinji filled Munnar. 

Perfect Time to Enjoy Neelakurinji Blooming Season 2018
Since these unique flowers blossom only once in every 12 years, they draw a huge number of tourists. The next flowering season will be in 2030 and that’s a really long wait. In order to bestow your sight on the majestic beauty of the Neelakurinji, make your way to Munnar in 2018 itself. Not only is the multitude of colors in the valley a sight worth seeing but the hill station in itself has tremendous beauty which is worth feasting your eyes on. The blooming season starts from July and it ends in November and offers a visual extravaganza to everyone. These flowers start flowering during the last phase of monsoon and by the time, the rains recede, the blue flowers cover the entire valley in shades of blue and purple. Though the peak blooming seasons are ideally September and October, July is the best time to visit this place in order to avoid the crowd. Later on, when the flowering season takes on its full glory, a large number of tourists flock down to Munnar to witness its beauty. If you are not deterred by crowd and really wish to plan your visit during peak season then September and October are the best months. 

Why Book Your Hotel and Tour Package to Neelakurinji Blooming Season 2018 Early?
Neelakurinji Blooming Season 2018 is an eagerly awaited one and every blooming season sees a great number of tourists. Due to the huge influx of tourists, the hotels in Munnar get booked really fast. So, it is advisable that you plan your trip in advance and book your hotel as early as possible.
Apart from that, there is limited number of entry tickets to Eravikulam national park during Neelakurinji season. This is mainly done to protect the biodiversity of the place and hence strict measures are taken. Hence you need to make haste in securing your entry ticket and booking your tour package early.

Start Planning Your Visit to Neelakurinji Bloom 2018
If you are also waiting to see the joyful splendor of this flower covering Munnar in a shade of purplish blue then waste no time in planning your visit. The Kerala Government pulls all stops in promoting this event and as a result, it pulls in a lot of tourists. Hence, it is advisable that you book your hotel early as all the resorts in Munnar will be booked way in advance. Also, make sure that you don’t delay in making travel arrangements as well. Book your tickets to Munnar early to get good deals and book your mode of travel; be it bus or car in advance. 
Also, plan your visit to the flower-filled valley during the dawn. The entire place looks like a serene paradise during this time covered in a blanket of mist. The sunrise from here is a beautiful sight as the first ray of warm sunlight steadily and gently lights up the entire place. The kaleidoscope of colors that the green grassland, the soft rays and the purplish blue Neelakurinji cast is simply magical. 

Interesting Facts about Neelakurinji
Though the species of flower that covers Munnar is blue in color, not all • Neelakurinji flowers are not of the same color. There are 250 different species of Kurinji and 46 varieties of Neelakurinji are found in India; it even includes red, maroon flowers
The name Neelakurinji is a Malayalam word which simply means blue flower. The flower has a scientific name, Strobilanthes kunthianus, which comes from River Kunthi that irrigates the grasslands and valleys around. 
The name Nilgiri literally means ‘blue mountain’ and the name comes from blue Neelakurinji flowers that completely cover the mountain in a layer of blue. 
Honey bees in the area collect nectar from Neelakurinji flowers during the season and it is believed to be very special. This nectar is suppose to be tastier and nutritious than its regular counterpart. 
The people who belong to the Paliyan of Tamil Nadu use the blossoming cycle of Neelakurinji flowers to calculate their age. 

Tips for Your Visit to Neelakurinji Blooming Season 2018
Visiting a valley filled with flowers obviously means pollens, bees and other insects. In case you are allergic to any of this, take necessary precaution. Make sure you carry anti-allergens and antihistamines with you and also take vaccine shots before your trip. 
The beauty of nature is meant to be enjoyed visually without bringing any damage to it. So, when you visit Neelakurinji bloom in Munnar, make sure you do not pick or damage any plant. Disturbing the biodiversity this way can bring upon immediate as well as long-term harm. The Government takes serious actions against those who try to vandalize the valley. 

Nearby Attractions
Though the major attraction is going to be Neelakurinji Bloom 2018 , there are plenty of other places around that are also worth a visit. Munnar is a beautiful destination that can be visited all around the year and is blessed with enormous beauty. You can visit the tea plantations that are enthralling to see and also smell. Take a trek through Anamudi Peak and check out Mattupetty Dam. 
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