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Are you planning your New Year in Kerala?

All are so eager to welcome New Year with new dreams and new aspirations. Kerala is the perfect destination to plan a vacation to welcome the New Year that will soothe the mind and refresh the body. Kerala is the best destinations in India for New Year holiday. While there are other places that celebrate the festival with much zeal, there is one state whose commemorations are unmatched, that is Kerala!

With the sobriquet of “God’s Own Country”, Kerala is one such destination that offers hospitality with luxurious resorts and competent transport system. Be it the local architecture or the magnificence of temples, the pretty cathedrals and mosques or the breath-taking scenic beauty, it has everything to offer for rejuvenation to the vacation seekers.
Stunning picturesque backwaters that are bounded by trees on both sides are unique to this land. The beautiful lighting across the households and decorations are very much prominent this time of the year. Further, the popular community carnival of snake-shaped boat races undoubtedly adds to generating a great holiday spirit.  

Ancient Cathedrals in Kerala
Christmas is incomplete without paying a visit to Kerala’s cathedrals. The positive atmosphere is essential for new beginnings and to create unforgettable memories. The Santa Cruz Basilica, St. George Church, Lourdes Forane Church are some of the most popular and must visit places in Kerala during New Year holidays. Make certain to attend the midnight mass and enjoy the Christmas decoration that goes in hand with the cathedral’s Indo-European and gothic architecture. 
Golden Sand Beaches of Kerala
Let the long holidays of New Year in Kerala refresh the body, mind, and soul as you stroll on the sands of beautiful beaches. They are a perfect escape for the guests from chaos and clamour of city life. As New Year approaches, the laterite cliffs and beaches become more colourful and idyllic. There are beach carnivals held here too. There are many top-notch resorts and hotels to luxuriously spend your holidays as well. For a more authentic experience, you can also choose for accommodation options built from the bamboo and other such raw materials set against the sea.

Décor and Celebrations in Kerala
Important monuments such as Mattancherry Palace and Fort Kochi are ornamented with white paper buntings during the days of New Year. It is a sight for sore eyes. Moreover, you can enjoy the fancy dress competitions that are held locally, folk art forms of Kerala, the sight of bedecked elephants and so on. 
Food Haul of Kerala
Christmas is celebrated with great fervour in Kerala and there are food and shopping extravaganzas held here during that time of the year. The food in the state of Kerala is lip-smacking. Spices are renowned in this land and fresh fish cuisines with a dash of coconut are something you cannot miss. It is also readily available at all food joints at an affordable cost.
So what is that you are waiting for? New Year is around the corner and Kerala is all set to help you kick off the festive season. Your long New Year holidays in Kerala will infuse a sense of excitement, happiness and adventure. 
Kerala Holidays have an exclusive tour that is chalked out so that you and your loved ones can make the most of these long holidays in December. The travel experts make certain to meet with all your expectations while you enjoy all the sightseeing places in Kerala during New Year. Book your Kerala holiday travel package now!


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