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Why is it better to plan your Kerala tour with accredited Kerala tour operators?

In this age and where technology is the king and the world is getting digitalised, planning for a full-fledged Kerala tour packages seems to be a piece of cake. The tourism industry today has a lot of online travel agencies (OTA) that are becoming increasingly popular among tourists. Online portals appeal to traveller’s way more since ample options are available to you at a click of a mouse. However, it is necessary to take a closer look and understand the truth behind booking through online travel agencies. There are several limiting factors that come in to play and you do not come out victorious when you book via online travel agencies. Especially, when it comes to planning for Kerala holiday packages.

It is a destination that boasts opulent wildlife, untouched beaches, aromatic spices and lip-smacking flavoursome food. With a place that offers so much to its visitors, online mediums can only provide with basic information and will keep you away from the most offbeat places in Kerala that have only been recently explored. In such times, touring with accredited Kerala tour operator is the best choice. The operators offer first hand knowledge and many advantages that come in handy. Let’s have a look at all the benefits you will get if you choose to follow the complete guide for Kerala tourism obtained from a local travel operator.

Advantages of planning a Kerala tour with accredited Kerala tour operator:
1. Accurate information
Online mediums are most of the times not frequently updated. A lot of information is gathered via the personal experiences of people who have travelled earlier. Kerala is a fast growing economy and many new attractions keep adding to the list of the most interesting spots to enjoy in Kerala. Only the local tour guides can take pride in the destination’s many offerings. They can easily answer questions like which attraction is best visited and at what time of the year, when to expect the least crowd, the best weather to visit, etc. They also have exact know-how on the updated safety guidelines and road conditions to help you make quick decisions and make the most of your time and money.

2. Buying Power
While OTA has their tie-ups with various hotels, a local tour operator has strong relationships with preferred suppliers and can you the most discounted rates. They make regular bookings with the same accommodation facility and hence the buying power for them is higher. Moreover, in case of any cancellations or change in plans, these personal relationships help you to avoid paying for charges as well. In a reservation made through OTA, all changes and cancellations need to be made directly with the platform. Any issues pertaining to the property or tickets cannot be solved in person directly with the hotel and the protocol of informing the online travel agency has to be followed.

3. Dedicated Consultant
One of the best advantages of a local tour operator in Kerala is that they are your one point of contact. Unlike with OTA where your call gets picked upon by a new person every time, here you get the liberty of only addressing the issues to one person. This dedicated consultant is your one point of contact who is friendly and responsive. They will listen to all your requirements and discuss various options with you. Dealing with some automated call centre instead of a real person will not bring you solutions. As a human, it is our need to build a strong brand loyalty, and that becomes almost impossible with online platforms and changing executives. 

4. Low commission fees
Online portals have a fixed fee that they charge as convenience fees and service fees. Such hidden costs can be avoided when you book from a local tour operator in Kerala. The most reliable suppliers provide for affordable Kerala travel packages and will ensure that you are not overcharged. Some online agencies offer pay at the hotel services; however, many times the room bookings face an issue because of non-payment. There is a high risk in such cases and you may have to book another accommodation immediately and that too at a higher price. All these uncertainties can be avoided and there are no unexpected extra charges when you book via a local agency.

5. Control and Flexibility
This is the greatest advantage you get when you go for an accredited travel agent. There is no need to follow the guidelines or a strict schedule that is set and given to you at the time of booking. You can easily extend your stay, avoid going to places that does not get you interested and can always customise the Kerala holiday tour package as per your wish. An online portal is interactive where you can pick and choose the places of interest. They have a set itinerary that is common to all their clients and that may or may not be valuable to you. A personal tour operator makes all the arrangements as per your needs and wants.
6. Detailed Customer Information
Although your name, contact details and email id is provided to the OTA while booking, many online travel agencies do not necessarily provide all the details to the partner hotelier. In personal bookings, there is no loss of customer information and that helps for smooth check-ins and checkouts. Moreover, due to lack of details, sometimes, the hotels or sightseeing spots cannot provide for special services like cake and confectionaries on special occasions, VIP loyalty programs, etc. There are ways a hotel manager counteracts this trend of special service and that cannot be possible most of the times with online bookings.

7. Multi-booking Savings
The price per room is locked between the hotel and the online travel agency. This costs rarely varies and you may lose out on saving costs, even when you book multiple rooms or for multiple nights. When the local agent strikes a deal, negotiations are great and you get the same accommodation at a considerably discounted price. The online portals may offer cash back and instant discount schemes, but largely all those coupon codes are applicable only under circumstances that may not meet your requirements like only accommodation and no breakfast, early checkouts, cash back in the form of promo points with validity for only a few days and similar other hidden regulations.

8. Peace of mind
You do not give yourself more room for mistakes when you book your travel package with accredited Kerala tour operator. You always have someone who is a call away and who you can turn to at any given point. The decision maker largely is your agent and all you need to do is believe in what he offers. If there is any challenge that arises, the agent is obligated to make necessary arrangements immediately. You do not have that peace of mind when you do bookings online. You need to research the locality thoroughly, avoid misjudging distances, road conditions or travel times and it can be tough and time consuming to gather this information online. Even if you do, there is no guarantee of its authenticity.

So, if you too wish to enjoy a hassle free and an organised Kerala tour vacation, make sure you look out for an officially recognized or authorized Kerala tour operator. Doing so also helps the local economy and it is a hallmark of a responsible traveller. 
Kerala Holidays is one such platform where our expert travel agents put together an itinerary that runs smoothly from start to finish. You can also customise the packages so that it is perfectly suited to your budgets and requirements. Get in touch with them now and start packing, for a holiday trip in Kerala awaits you!

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