5 Interesting Offbeat Things You Must Do In Wayanad

Wayanad is very different from the rest of the state, both in culture and geography. Situated in an elevated picturesque mountainous plateau in the Western Ghats, it is famous for its rich tribal culture, virgin forests, beautiful hill ranges and legendary tales of courage and valour.  It is blessed with abundant natural resources including exotic flora and fauna.  When in God’s own country, never miss this green paradise and the bountiful sights she holds for you.

There are many offbeat things to do in Wayanad apart from the regular activities in tour itineraries.  If you are ready to spend 4 to 5 days in the place, you could return with undying memories of the place. 

Go on a wildlife safari

It is quite easy to arrange a Jeep wildlife safari in Wayanad which is a part of Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve.  Here you get a chance to explore a place that is untouched by man and is riled by the inhabitants of the wild.  There are two entrances to the sanctuary; one from Tholpetty and the other from Muthanga.  There are high chances you will spot wild elephants and springing deer amongst many other wildlife. 

Visit Sultan Bethery

There are many interesting sights in Sulthan Bethery.  You can visit the 13th century Jain Temple which is considered to be the oldest in Kerala.  A trek to the 224year old watchtower also constructed by the ruler, on the outskirts of Ganapathivattom offers spectacular view of Thannirbavi and Bengre and the vast expanse of the Arabian Sea.  You also get the chance to taste some genuine cuisines of Malabar at Sulthan Bethery.

Wayanad village tours

The real heart and souls of wayanad lies in these villages and each village is inhabited by a different tribe with its own culture, deities and traditions.  You also get a chance to taste the original tribal cuisines of the place which is an altogether different experience.

 Bird watching at Pakshipathalam

Pakshipatalam Bird sanctuary boasts of exotic bird population.  It is a real treat exploring the sanctuary where a surprise springs up in every nook and corner.  There is never a moment of boredom and the sanctuary extends into more brooks, hills, lush forests and natural rock cut caves.  The forest houses many rare species of birds, orchids and herbs.  For the convenience of bird watchers, many watchtowers have been erected in many places.

A day of cycling

There are many tour guides that will help you organise a day of cycling.  It is a must for those who love nature and wants to spend some time hearing her breath and sigh.  It is an 8 hour and 60 km journey from Kalpetta,  encircling Manimala Hills’s base and open out to the beautiful adjoining plains. This challenging bike ride will take you through backwoods, mud paths and smooth lanes offering you an experience of a lifetime. 

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