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Visiting Kerala is a dream come true for tourists and adventurists. With abundant escapades into the nature, the culture and the people brush a convincing canvas of mesmerizing beauty. Endless safari choices, backwater sailing trips, hills views and elephant ride through the dense plantations - these are never-miss activities in Kerala that lure tourists to visit the state more often. However, to enjoy the place in its full glory, you need to do many things right, and avoid a few. And it all begins with the planning.

Here is a quick guide to plan your Kerala tour packages in style.

Pick the suitable season

Kerala is one of India’s wettest states thanks to the rains that lash it all round the year. If you are planning a trip into the rainforests and plantations surrounding the backwaters of Kerala, it is best to plan the visit during dry months. Best season to visit Kerala is between October and March. 

During summer, the heat and the humidity catches up with the fun factor, making it a sweaty affair.

Plan your days in advance 

Are you visiting Kerala as a weekend vacation or for a honeymoon? Depending on the number of days of stay in the city, you can plan a convincingly smart trip that will allow you to cover best places in the state. A 7-day package in Kerala is a very popular option as it takes the tourists straight into the heart of the state—The Land, people and wild. 

Get familiar with the town names 

Kerala boasts of being India’s most literate state. However, getting to the exact point of stay in Kerala can be rather arduous. Make sure that you get the names of the places right. Kochi is known by many names—Calicut, Kozhikode, and Ernakulum, to name a few… Similarly, Alleppey and Trivandrum!

Choose a houseboat stay smartly

Houseboats in Kerala are anchored for night between 7 pm and 7 am. There is no point living on the deck, unless you have planned really special event on the boat. Explore the nightlife and streets of backwater cities that most tourists miss out on. A stay in a local hotel is way cheaper than spending the night on the houseboat. 

Get your food arranged

Kerala is a foodie’s paradise, but you may not be impressed if you are boarding a houseboat stay, where the food is cooked on the deck. Opt for a houseboat package that offers complimentary breakfast only. Enjoy the main meals on land, where you can explore the delightful cuisines and local delicacies at much lesser cost.

Join a group

There are hordes of tourists roaming the state in groups of 5 and more. Don’t feel left out, even as you enjoy group houseboat packages, safari trips and trekking expeditions with tourist community. You not only save significantly on the budget but also get to the deeper pockets where not many tourists have ventured. 

Vaccinate yourself, and stay protected
Check out for a travel package that offers insurance and quick medical assistance in case of emergency. Stay connected with your local executive. 

The Final Tip

To make it more exciting, reach out to and follow the local advisors and tourism experts providing valuable insights online. If you are planning a trip into obscure places in Kerala, always stay connected to your trip planner and guide.

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