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The magical humming of Pete Seeger “We shall overcome” is gradually changing its rhythm to “We are overcoming” in the hearts of all Keralites today and the entire world is giving a standing ovation for the dynamic disaster management by Kerala’s confident, enthusiastic, daring and hopeful Malayalees, especially Fishermen, Navy, Army and Civilians. Besides, the whole nation is bestowing their kindness towards re-building Kerala and yes, of course, its tourism, and the heartbeat of God’s own country. 

The present scenario is, the entire media is showing the clippings of crippled Kerala. But factually, only a small percentage of its population has been directly affected by this calamity. Post-flood, the change in the mindset of Keralites are very much evident. Instead of sitting on the trumps and trashes of the tragedy, Malayalees have proved that they are 'cool' if they come together. They have shown their timely courage, determination, unity and secularism right from the “Rescue to Rehabilitation and thereafter.

Indeed, with the support of the entire nation, Kerala has embraced the tragedy happily and have re-equipped themselves for a new beginning. To start with, Kerala has already declared an official end to this period of adversity. So, you need not postpone or change any of your trips, including destination weddings, business tours and personal travels. Let the holidaying continue.  

Kerala's re-emergence in tourism is rapidly improving. Buildings and Roads are under restoration. The people here are in the midst of a historical change. Though complete recovery of flood affected areas may take some time, definitely, temporary solutions have been worked out with regards to transportation and renovation of buildings at its best. All the roads, rail and air connectivity have been restored. Destinations are safe and stabilised and things are under good control now. Most tourist places like Munnar, Thekkady etc in Kerala are back to normal. 

Now that the flood waters have receded, it’s the best time to witness some of the most beautiful sights, in God’s own country, especially, the “Neelakurinji” that blooms in Munnar once in 12 years. Visitors have already started coming, as there are some incredible places in Kerala that beat this Monsoon season, unlike any other states. The season offers the most fascinating, breathtaking weather with mesmerizing mountains that would carry you away in its stride and make you feel out of the world. You can enjoy the wi-fi enabled luxury boating, visit beaches, mountains, and delighting backwaters. 

More than the places, you will cherish the culture, the wonderful humanitarian people (post flood) and the food of Kerala. Yes, this is the right time to have Ayurvedic treatments, enjoy Landscapes and Sceneries that are filled with the freshness of evergreen. People Travel from across the world to Kerala during this period just to rejuvenate themselves, for their well being. The current climate is just perfect to revel in, there’s romance in the air everywhere! Covered by the Arabian Sea on the west, there are many beaches to spend time at, you can enjoy fresh seafood, same time grab a surfing board to chill as well. There’s nothing more nostalgic than watching the sunset, the sun sinking below the horizon. There are few wildlife sanctuaries in the vicinity and lots of off-road adventures await you during the season. The Eastern side of Kerala shielded by the Western Ghats, Wildlife, and Waterfalls! is a real extravagance of nature. This is the best time to gear up and enjoy the Trekking ride. Of course, historical monuments, forts and museums are always there to entertain and enrich you in every season.

Recently, Kerala has opened a Jatayu Adventure Centre, a 65-acre park in the village of Chadayamangalam (Kollam district). While the  sculpture of Jatayu atop the hill is the centre of attraction, it is the range of amusements that will take your breath. The centre offers you a variety of adventures viz; archery, paintball, rock climbing, ziplining, bouldering, rappelling, laser tag etc. The centre has a ‘6D theatre’ that showcases the fierce fight between Jatayu and Ravana and to calm down your nerves there is a “healing cave”. The other facilities are “ropeways” and heli-taxis that would help you in trekking uphill.

Kerala, the God’s Own Country, is full of amazing and incredible sights that cling to your soul. What you need to do is, just keep yourself updated through a reliable source instead of depending solely on the TV news channels. Most of the time the media and channels exaggerate the situation to run 24/7 which leaves behind a scary picture of the land which is not realistic.

With all that said, this is the right time to visit Kerala, an experience of a lifetime.

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