Like most of its neighbors, Aihole too has a magnificent past.   In its heyday, the city abounded with architectural wonders - palaces, temples and much more, the conglomeration of the tastes of the numerous rulers and dynasties that came and went.  What remain today are the ruins of what once was.  Even then, there are around hundred temples scattered all over, each rivaling the others in beauty and workmanship.  It is rightly said of Aihole - wherever you turn, a temple meets your eye.
Sitting pretty on the banks of the Malaprabha River, Aihole was part of the Chalukyan Empire for a long while when most of the constructions happened. Later the Rashtrakuras invaded Aihole, followed by the Bahamanis. Aurangzeb annexed the territory along with many others in the 17th centuries.

How to Reach


The nearest airport is Belgaum, 189 km away


Well connected by road with Pattadakal at a distance of 17 km and Badami at 46 km


Badami is the nearest railway station

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