The Land of Temples
Bagalkot, which was formed out of Bijapur, is most famous for its temples and their architecture which reflect the Chalukyan art. The Ghataprabha, Malaprabha and Krishna rivers form an integral part of the landscape here. Some of the most famous temples here are the Ravalphadi temple, the Konthi temple complex, the Jain Meghuthi temple and the Buddhist temple. Equally famous are the cave temples of Badami and the Jain temples of Rashtrakutas. Bagalkot is also famous for its cottage industries.
Legend has it that the town was presented by one of the Bijapur kings to his daughter as a gift (bangle money).  The town was under the Vijayanagaras after which the Savanur Nawab took over the kingdom. Haider Ali took over Bagalkot in the year 1778. It was consequently annexed by the Marathas, Peshwa Bajirao before being taken over by the British.

How to Reach


Belgaum airport is the nearest airport, 189 km away


Quite a number of Government buses run from Sholapur and Belgaum to Bagalkot


Bagalkot is well connected by rail and has a station of its own

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