The quaint town of Kurnool sits idly, caressed by the scenic Tungabhadra and Handri rivers. Kurnool is just the place to indulge in the pristine beauty of nature and ancient charms of Medieval India. This unspoilt land of beauty and majesty, beckons a traveler to laze around in its rich bounties. Glimpses of Islamic and Hindu heritage could be seen here, with its numerous mosques and temples sitting in peaceful co-existence. Kurnool served as the capital of Andhra Pradesh from 1953 to 1956, before it was shifted to Hyderabad.

Nestled in picturesque surroundings, Kurnool has always been a city of strategic importance. There are forts, ancient temples and historic mosques, which bear witness to the city’s historic importance. The city enchants a visitor with its gardens, verdant hills and splendid waterfalls.

How to Reach


The nearest airport is located at a distance of 220 Km in Hyderabad


The city is well connected by road


Kurnool lies between the Secunderabad – Bangalore railway line



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