A Buddhist Seat of Learning

The ancient Buddhist settlement of Nagarjunasagar lies at a distance of 150 Km from the city of Hyderabad.  The town was originally known as Vijayapuri, meaning the city of victory. It derives the name Nagarjunasagar from its rich ancient Buddhist heritage. The city was a flourishing Buddhist center in the past with many Viharas, Stupas and a university under the Buddhist scholar and philosopher Acharya Nagarjuna.
Extensive archeological excavations done in the region has unearthed several Hindu temples and Buddhist Viharas here. The actual site of excavations has been flooded by a dam constructed across the river Krishna. The relics of the past were relocated safely to nearby areas, to prevent submersion. These ancient structures are preserved in excellent condition even today, although they have been relocated from their original setting.

How to Reach


Nearest airport is at a distance of 150 km in Hyderabad


Well linked with all cities in Andhra Pradesh


Nearest railway station is at a distance of 29 km at Macherla

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