The Serene town of Sivaganga

Sivaganga, a quiet town lying on the Southeast of Tamil Nadu, is a perfect example of Traditional India. This quaint town exudes an aura of glorious extravagance entrenched in its rich past. The town forgotten by time was once the seat of power of the great Marava kings. Sivaganga has a lot to offer from its palaces and temples to wildlife sanctuaries.

The present city of Sivaganga was founded by Sasivarna Periya Udaya Thevar, the first ruler of the Sivaganga dynasty. The unique style of architecture found in the region is a fusion of the Naik style and Rajputana style. Sivaganga is also where the British East India Company faced severe opposition during their conquests in peninsular India. Sivaganga is a much sought after heritage tourism destination in the state of Tamil Nadu.

How to Reach


The nearest airport is located at a distance of 45 km in Madurai.


Regular bus services to Chennai and Madurai.


Lies on the Chennai-Rameshwaram meter gauge line.

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