A Foodies Paradise

Udupi, a food capital of South India, is famous for its delectable array of cuisines including hot, steaming Masala Dosas and Vadas. The acclaimed chain of restaurants bearing the name Udupi has come a long way in popularizing Udupi cuisines across the globe. However, there is more to Udupi than the tasty Masala Dosas and Medhu Vadas. The place is of great religious significance to Hindus because of its ancient temples and Matts or Hindu Monasteries; the most important of which are the Sri Krishna Temple and the Ashta Matts.

Udupi also has its share of popular beaches, the most prominent of which is the Maravanthe beach.  As you drive along National Highway 17, you can find this virgin beach on one side of the road and the river Sauparnika on the other.

The name ‘Udupi’ is derived from two Sanskrit words videlicet Udu meaning stars and Pa meaning lord. According to Hindu mythology, the moon god – Chandra, once lost his shine owing to a curse from King Daksha. Chandra prayed fervently to Lord Shiva to revoke the curse and Siva pleased with Chandra’s devotion gave his original radiance back. The Shiva Linga at the Chandramouleeshwara temple here is said to be installed by the moon-god as a token of his gratitude.  

How to Reach


Nearest airport is Bajpe airport, 60 km from Udupi. From here, you can get direct flights to Mumbai, Bangalore etc.


NH 17 passes through Udupi. Government and private buses connect Udupi to all major cities in South India.


Udupi lying on the Konkan route of Indian Railways has a railway station.

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