The Victorious City

Set on the banks of the picturesque Krishna River, the city of Vijayawada still retains a grand aura of its glorious past. Its history is an enchanting saga of Dravidian legacy. The land is akin to a brilliant canvas splashed with the vibrant colors of legend, culture, tradition and the contemporary; sure to hold one captivated. The title ‘The Victorious City’ traces its origin to the legendary Indian epic of Mahabharata. Vijayawada is the place where the Pandava prince Arjuna did his penance and pleased Lord Shiva.

Vijayawada was once an ancient seat of Buddhism in south India, with many Buddhist historic sites scattered across the region. The renowned Chinese traveler Hiuen-T’Sang paid homage to this great city in 7th century A.D, during his travels to the cradles of Buddhism in India. In the olden days, Vijayawada was well renowned as the cultural and political capital of Andhra Pradesh.

How to Reach


The nearest airport is located at a distance of 20 km at Gannavaram; offering direct flights to Vishakapatnam and Hyderabad


The city is well connected through an extensive network of roads.


Being the largest railway junction in the country, it is well connected to all places in the country.

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