Visakhapatnam - Vizag

A Jewel on the East Coast

The port city of Visakhapatnam or Vizag traces its origins back to 260 B.C when it was part of Ashoka’s Kalinga Kingdom. The city has served as a citadel of power for many great rulers and also the colonial powers, until finally it was integrated with the Indian Union. Vizag is a mélange of surprises offering a wealth of culture and a myriad of natural blessings, thus dazzling travelers of all sorts. Vizag has the country’s largest ship building yard, a beautiful natural harbor, and gorgeous sun-kissed beaches with swaying coconut palms. 

Vizag boasts of a rich history and scenic elegance which very few places in the country can surpass. Visakhapatnam derives its name from the god of valor and courage - Lord Visakha. The backdrop of the majestic Eastern Ghats add further to the beauty and grandeur of the place. The place was a major Buddhist center in ancient times. From being a sleepy fishing hamlet, Vizag has seen an amazing growth over a short span of time as the magic beanstalk in the fairytale story. Vizag remains an exemplary example of Andhra at its best. 

How to Reach


Vizag airport, located at a distance of 16 km from the city is well connected to all major South Indian Cities.


Well connected by road. Hyderabad is at a distance of 650 km


Vizag is well connected by rail

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