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Why You Should Visit Munnar During Neelakurinji Season 2018?

Neelakurinji Blooms started in Munnar after a gap of 12 years in the valley of flowers - Munnar. Lush green tea fields, rivulet flowing along hillsides, and stunning flora and fauna are how this magnificent place can be best described. Munnar is a hill station located in the mountains of Western Ghats in Kerala. This beautiful hill station was earlier known as the resort town for the upper-class Britishers in the 19th century. There are a number of activities and sights to experience in this magnificent destination, from National Parks to massive tea field to amazing Ayurvedic Spas. 

If you plan to visit Neelakurinji bloom in Munnar that happens once in twelve years the wait is finally over. After 12 long years, the Neelakurinji bloom has returned to the majestic valley of Munnar. Visitors including nature lovers and biologist flock in large number to experience the blooming of Neelakurinji flower. The tourist has waited so long to see Munnar hills covered with the scenic beauty of purplish blue Neelakurinji flowers. The scenic beauty of Neelakurinji is a magnificent sight and one should never afford to miss it. The flowers gets its name from the local Malayalam word neela which translates to blue and Kurinji the flower and both the words combine to Neelakurinji. 

You must be wondering why this event is so special. Well, if you are missing the opportunity to see Neelakurinji bloom this season i.e., September to October 2018, then you will have to wait till 2030. Scientifically known as Strobilanthes Kunthianus, it blossoms only once in twelve years and the last time it bloomed in 2006. Munnar is most scenic tourist destination in Kerala, God’s Own Country. It records the highest number of Neelakurinji plants across India and flower does not grow in any other part of the world makes it a rarest of the rare.

The throng flowering of these beautiful flowers give a fabulous treat for bees and butterflies. The huge amount of nectar in these magnificent flowers attracts the eastern honeybee. The best thing about the honey from these rare flowers is, it is very special as it lasts for about 15 years without getting spoilt. 

Know the Places Where You Could Find Neelakurinji Flowers
Usually during the kurinji flowering season Munnar and other tourist destination in Kerala experience an increase in holiday bookings as visitors gather to witness the mesmerism of the rare blooming of Neelakurinji. Here we have listed some of the places in Kerala where you can find Neelakurinji.

Starting from the first week of August, the Annamalai hills near Munnar are completely covered in purplish blue Neelakurinji which bursts into a flower once in 12 years. A large number of visitors plan their vacation in Munnar to witness this spectacle that lasts till end of October or till first week of November.

A trip to Rajamala will add an adventure to your trip to Munnar. A part of Rajamala Hills in Kerala boasts of an amazing view of Neelakurinji blooming along the trekking trails. You can trek around the valley and then head to the Eravikulam national park, located 3 kilometres away from Rajamala.

Eravikulam National Park
This is the most loved tourist destination in Munnar. Eravikulam National Park and Nilgiri Tahr are also famous for its rich flora and fauna cover. It offers a magnificent view of Neelakurinji field and the surrounding hills caressed by a blanket of mists. A large number of rare birds, animals, and butterflies can also be traced in this park. 

The flower also blooms gregariously on the hills of Idukki district of Kerala, especially in the Devikulam area. This small hill station is all covered with chilly air, green slopes, and low-hanging clouds over the hills. It has numerous waterfalls and lakes to look forward to. For wildlife enthusiasts, Devikulam provides a beautiful view of Neelakurinji bloomed field. It also offers a good opportunity to explore various sanctuaries for a breath-taking experience. 

You can also spot Neelakurinji by the sides of the old Munnar Kodaikanal road. However, you may need permission from the Forest Department while your visit. The flowers can also be seen at places such as Kanthalloor and Yellapetty outside the protected areas. To reach Yellapetty, you have to trek to the hills of the Yellapetty estate.

Some areas of the Silent Valley National Park and Mukurthi National Park near Ooty also showcase these beautiful flowers.
Munnar is at its best right now to lay your eyes on Neelakurinji Bloom 2018. Known as the Valley of Flowers, Munnar is covered in a dreamy shade of blue with the bloom of Neelakurinji flower. Do not miss this entrancing sight to see so many beautiful purplish blue flowers swaying in the valley covering the majestic mountains completely. If you are keen on visiting Munnar, Kerala Holidays has the best Kerala tour packages to make your journey all the more fabulous.  


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