Tanjore - Thanjavur

Land of Nataraja

The city of Tanjavore (Tanjore) was once the imperial capital of the Chola Empire, which ruled South India, parts of Sri Lanka, and the Maldives Islands for four centuries (900 – 1300 AD). The mighty Chola kings were great patrons of art, music and literature. During their reign, innumerable magnificent temples were constructed all over the kingdom, including many imposing ones in and around their capital, Tanjore. The splendid mark left by the Chola kings is still visible in the city.

The art of sculpting elegant bronze idols was brought to perfection by the Chola kings. These exquisite sculptures point to the artistic passion fostered by the great kings. Nataraja, depicting Lord Shiva in a dance posture, is considered the most powerful icon cast in bronze under the Chola dynasty. Sadly, many valuable Chola bronze idols have been smuggled out of India to private museums around the world.

This cultural capital of ancient south has contributed immensely to the development of Carnatic music and the Bharata Natyam dance form. The unique and exquisite Tanjore paintings done in vibrant colors and adorned with semi precious stones, gold, silver, pearls, and glass beads, are an absolute treat to the eyes. Many tourists buy these paintings as a souvenir to remember their trip to this spectacular city. Lying in the fertile Cauvery River delta, the place is popularly known as the “Rice bowl of Tamil Nadu”.

How to Reach


Trichy airport located at a distance of 65 km is the nearest Airport.


Well linked through a network of roads with all major cities in Tamil Nadu.


Well connected to all South Indian cities by rail.

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